Download TAMER

When I can grab some spare time, I’m inching towards making the TAMER codebase available, along with related goodies like an applet interface for running experiments through people’s browsers and some implementations of basic RL and learning from demonstration algorithms. For now though, an unofficial release can be found at, which has littleĀ documentation through the website yet. The current version is unlicensed; I plan to add a GPL license soon.

Specifically, follow these instructions to get the project working for now.

    1. In Eclipse (or another subversion-compatible IDE), create a project and checkout the repository at by subversion.
    2. Add all jar files in tamer-share/lib/ to that project’s build path.
    3. Run examples in the edu.utexas.cs.tamerProject.demos package.
    4. Ask me questions and tell me what specific documentation you’d like me to add.
    5. Periodically try “svn up” to get cleaner and better documented versions of what you already have. For this to work well, you may want to at most minimally change the code I’m providing (even though it’s open source), instead creating child classes and using other techniques to make the code your own.